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1st floor

Floors Plan

2nd Floor
1st floor
Ground Floor
-1 Floor
Free spaces

1st floor

Caf – Office
Sector H – Offices
Sector I – Open Space
Sector J – Offices or Stores
Sector N – Architecture Office
Sector S – Offices

Flexible areas: from 10 to 2.700m2

CAF – 101,00m2 – T´in The Box

H 1.1 – 15,20m2 – Paginas intuitivas
H 1.327,60m2 – Hint
H 1.421,00m2 – Incredible Mountain
H 1.546,50m2 – Sociedade Têxteis Gonçalo Salgado
H 1.613,80m2 – Rui Moreira
H 1.725,30m2 – Susana Neiva
H 1.89,90m2 – Match one
H 1.925,30m2 – Arts & Skills
H 1.1017,00m2 – L. Security Vision
H 1.1129,70m2 – RLA – Richard Loureiro Architects
H 1.1217,20m2 – SGS – Portugal
H 1.1314,00m2 – AMS Lab
H 1.1416,40m2 – Astros e Dicas
H 1.1543,80m2 – AMS Lab
H 1.1735,10m2 – Susana Balão Consultores
H 1.1919,00m2 Free space
R        10,00m2 – Miguel Barroso

I – 773,00m2 Free space

J 1.1 – 111,15m2 Free space
J 1.275,35m2 Free space
J 1.375,10m2 Free space
J 1.475,50m2 Free space
J 1.5 – 75,35m2 – Unique Studio
J 1.675,90m2 – Rrfootwear
J 1.794,20m2 Free space
J 1.853,00m2 Free space
J 1.974,75m2 Free space
J 1.1056,45m2 Free space
J 1.1156,60m2 Free space
J 1.1256,75m2 Free space
J 1.1356,90m2 – Consulting Informatique System
J 1.14110,15m2 – A Pimenta
J 1.1574,25m2 – Incredible Mountain
J 1.1677,40m2 – Incredible Mountain

N – 164,00m2 – Hous3

S 1.1 – 65,00m2 Free space
S 1.217,10m2 – Jaime Teixeira
S 1.315,00m2 – Estudio Design
S 1.423,60m2 – Atrium Studio
S 1.5 – 23,80m2 Free space
S 1.623,00m2 Free space
S 1.724,80m2 Free space
S 1.825,10m2 – J.J Acessórios
S 1.931,00m2 – Gabinete Administrativo Fábrica Asa
S 1.1027,50m2 – Wonderfull Beauty
S 1.1127,50m2 – Wonderfull Beauty
S 1.1244,50m2 – Compumoda
S 1.1334,50m2 Free space
S 1.1431,20m2 Free space
S 1.1527,50m2 – Carlos Ribeiro
S 1.1615,80m2 – Packto
S 1.1717,00m2 – Bgraf
S 1.18201,00m2 – Li & Fung

We rent customized spaces at highly competitive prices.

All spaces are served by common support infrastructures.

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