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Business Center


Find here what you’re looking for: Stores Offices Warehouses Industries

All areas are served by common support infrastructures, multipurpose spaces prepared to adapt to your business or activities. A variety of solutions for you …

Flexible areas: from 10 to 2.700m2

Free spaces

Free parking

24h Security

Synergy between Companies



Floors Plan

2nd Floor
1st Floor
Ground Floor
-1 Floor
Free spaces

2nd floor

Sector M – Slot Car Tracks
Sector L – Open Space

1st floor

Caf – Office
Sector H – Offices
Sector I – Open Space
Sector J – Offices or Stores
Sector N – Architecture Office
Sector S – Offices

Ground Floor

Sector A – Industrial Zone, Stores and Gym
Sector B – Stores
Sector C – Stores, Offices, Warehouses
Sector D – Black Box, Show Room
Sector F – Rehearsal Rooms
Sector E – Birthday parties
Sector G – Indoor Soccer
Central nave – Paddle courts
Zc15_Zc16 – Music Recording Studio

-1 Floor

Parking lot
Sector A
Sector P
Sector T

We rent customized spaces at highly competitive prices.

All spaces are served by common support infrastructures.

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