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Flexible areas: from 10 to 2.700m2

Find here what you’re looking for: Stores Offices Warehouses Industries

Want to turn it around and invest in your business?

With Fábrica Asa you have the opportunity to be anything you want! We have commercial spaces for your business, Stores, Offices, Warehouses and Industries with a central square ready to receive exhibitions and events, all tailored to you and your business.

Sector L – Open Space

L – 1 825,00m2

2nd floor

Sector M – Slot Car Tracks
Sector L – Open Space

1st floor

Caf – Office
Sector H – Offices
Sector I – Open Space
Sector J – Offices or Stores
Sector N – Architecture Office
Sector S – Offices

Caf – Office

Caf – 101,00m2

Sector S – Offices

S 1.7 – 24,80m2
S 1.1334,50m2

Sector J – Offices or Stores

J 1.1 – 111,15m2
J 1.275,35m2
J 1.375,10m2
J 1.475,50m2
J 1.794,20m2
J 1.974,75m2
J 1.1056,45m2
J 1.1156,60m2
J 1.1256,75m2
J 1.1356,90m2

Sector B – Stores

B 2.1 – 97,91m2
B 2.2 – 93,30m2

Sector C – Stores, Offices, Warehouses

C 1.396,00m2

Ground Floor

Sector A – Industrial Zone, Stores and Gym
Sector B – Stores
Sector C – Stores, Offices, Warehouses
Sector D – Black Box, Show Room
Sector F – Rehearsal Rooms
Sector E – Birthday parties
Sector G – Indoor Soccer
Central nave – Paddle courts
Zc15_Zc16 – Music Recording Studio

-1 Floor

Parking lot
Sector A
Sector P
Sector T

Sector A

A1.14 – 217,00m

Sector T

T 5 – 113,30m

Free parking

24h Security

Synergy between Companies



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