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Guimarães Fashion Festival 2020 presentation!

The Guimarães Fashion Festival 2020 presentation meeting took place today! The highlight was the Guimarães Marca Fashion Show & Showcase and the creation of a new thematic area for the competition, dedicated to Guimarães, in the area of ​​home textiles.

The Guimarães Marca Fashion Show & Showcase will be curated by renowned stylist Katty Xiomara, a national designer with a vast curriculum in the fashion and design sector, widely recognized and awarded at national and international level.

The Porto Fashion Film Festival is the only one of its kind in Portugal and intends to highlight Fashion Film as a privileged audiovisual language to promote and disseminate the work of creators in the Fashion and Audiovisual industry, highlighting and rewarding the best works.

The festival has several categories to contest: Fashion Films
Independent Authorities, Alive Mobile, Brand, Technical, Institutional, International and a new category of Home Textiles, in honor of the capital of this segment – Guimarães. The event has several international festivals as partners: La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival (USA), Berlin FFF; Madrid FFF, Copenhagen FFF and Barcelona FFF.

The Film Fashion Festival (FFF), is already in its 7th edition and was held by first time in Guimarães in 2019 in a close partnership between the Associação Selectiva Moda and the Municipality of Guimarães Comunicação.

Festival not to be missed, October 31, at Fábrica ASA 🙂